El Do Youth, Inc.

El Do Youth, Inc. is constructing a community youth center for El Dorado Springs, MO in the old Liston School building on North Main Street.

E-mail: eldoyouth@gmail.com
Phone: 417-770-0417

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Help win $$$ for the youth center

Help win some money for the youth center.

Simply vote for Harold Fugate as he represents the El Do Youth Center.

Vote every day. Voting ends August 29

Here is the link.


Thanks for your vote and support.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Constuction Update from Friday, March 25

View from the southeast looking at the entrance opening.

A view looking northwest from inside the old Liston structure.

A view inside of the south wall shows the cutouts for the south windows.
The steel frame has its sides, but awaits the roof.

The stack of metal dwindles in size as the siding goes up on the building.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Construction Begins

A few windy, warm days, dried the red clay mud enough the construction crew could start erecting the steel frame addition to Liston School on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 15 and 16. This view is from the southwest corner of the building.

A view from the west of the building illustrates how the addition will more than double the space offered by the original struture.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks to Foundation 81!

We're excited about our friends Rhonda Friar and Jeanie Baldwin from Foundation 81 for lots of reasons. First, they're running a new super-cool clothing store and coffee shop in historic downtown El Dorado Springs, something that's close to our hearts. Second, their coffee is really good!

Finally, they're donating a portion of their profits to the El Do Youth Center project! We received the first donation check this month. We're not sure how much cooler they can get! ...But we dare them to try.

Visit them at the corner of Main and Spring Streets. And when you buy several clothing items as Christmas gifts (and a caramel latte for yourself!), thank them for supporting El Do Youth, Inc.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How NAP Credits Work

El Do Youth Center has been granted tax credits at the 70% level for 2010/2011. Your business can in most cases deduct your full donation from your federal taxes, and receive a credit of 70% of your donation from your state taxes! In some cases, this means businesses can donate and get almost all their money back!

The following information on NAP credits is designed to enlighten prospective donors of the positive economic benefits available to them through Missouri's NAP tax credit program.


In 1978, Missouri became the third state in the nation to adopt legislation creating a Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). Since its inception, more than 11,000 donors have given over $210 million to NAP projects, and in return, the State has given over $110 million in tax credits to those donors.

The philosophy behind the program is quite simple. Rather than funding a project by giving a grant, the State "partially reimburses" eligible donors who fund the project themselves. In effect, this enables donors to finance local projects with money they would otherwise owe on their Missouri taxes.


Unlike a direct government grant, this form of state assistance involves no transfer of dollars. Instead, El Do Youth Center assumes full responsibility for securing the desired financial support through their own fund-raising efforts, using the tax credits as an incentive. The State's role is to approve the Center's projects and process tax credits for eligible donors. The credits equal 70% of the value of most contributions and are issued in the form of "coupons" that donors may then redeem when they file their Missouri tax return.


  • Corporations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Express Companies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Partnerships (and their individual partners)
  • S-corporations (and their individual shareholders)
  • Limited Liability Companies (and their individual members)
  • Individuals who either:
    A) operate a sole proprietorship in Missouri
    B) operate a farm in Missouri
    C) have rental property
    D) receive royalty or honorarium income


  • Credits may be claimed against a variety of state taxes
    A) Financial Institution Tax (special restriction may apply)
    B) Corporate Franchise Tax
    C) Corporate & Individual Income Taxes
  • Five-year carry-forward provision. Donor has six tax periods to utilize credits.
  • May by combined with federal charitable deduction.
  • Rules for valuing NAP donations are more favorable than IRS rules in some instances.


El Do Youth may accept cash, materials, supplies, equipment, real estate, stocks and bonds. The allocation of credits for donations is based on the fair market value of the item(s) at the time they are donated.


To qualify for credits, a donor must make an eligible contribution to the Center. Prospective donors who have questions about their eligibility or the type of donation they are contemplating may contact the Department of Economic Development (DED) directly prior to making a contribution.

Missouri Department of Economic Development
Neighborhood Assistance Program
P.O. Box 118
Jefferson City, MO 65102


The Southwest Regional Office in Springfield, MO

Youth Center News

ElDo Youth Center under construction

Work has started on the soon to be El Dorado Springs Youth Center at the Liston School property on North Main Street.

The old school building will be remodeled and a new 7,200 square foot structure added. There will be two meeting rooms, a computer lab, a large multi purpose area with kitchen, a game room and restrooms.

When the project is finished, it will provide facilities for youth activities of all kinds, an after school program, access to a large computer lab, meeting rooms available to the public, banquet facilities available for public use and other activities.

Paul Miller Construction Company of El Dorado Springs is the general contractor.

Acquisition, construction and renovation of the facility is partially underwritten by the Missouri Department of Economic Development Neighborhood Assistance Program.

For information on the project, call 417-770-0417 or go to www.eldoyouthcenter.com.

How can you help?

• Need volunteers to work on the tear-out of the old school building.

• Need Missouri taxpayers to invest their Missouri tax directly into this project.